Model Release Form

Melody Christina Photography


Please complete and bring this form with you to your session.


**Model(‘s) Legal Name and Age(s) _______________________________________________________


**Address ________________________________________________________________


**Phone #*___________________ E-mail _______________________________________


PHOTO SESSION(s) and/or ADD-ON(s) __________________________ Total amt due $ _____________


Photography Date: ______________


* I understand that the photographs taken of me during this session can be used wholly or in part in Magazines, Books, Calendars, Internet, Portfolios, Exhibition and for Editorial or Advertising use.

I acknowledge by signing this form, that I give up all claims of ownership, income, editorial control and use of the resulting photographs and assign all copyright ownership to the photographer and no further payment will be due. Use of the photographs may be granted to third parties, however the photographs will remain the property of the photographer.

A copyright release will be given to the client, so that you may print photos as you see fit, and use them for your personal online sharing with friends and family.

I have read this form carefully and fully understand its meanings and implications. I acknowledge that by signing this form I give Melody Christina Photography, full copyright and authority to publish the photographs and agree with the terms listed above. I am 18 or over.


Signed __________________________________________________ ____ Date___________


If the model is under 18 years of age, a parent or legal guardian must also sign:


Parent/ Guardian__________________________________________ _____ Date___________


If applicable:


  • GENDER: ___________________________________________
  • NAME: _____________________________________________
  • NICKNAME: _________________________________________
  • DATE OF BIRTH:______________________________________
  • AGE: _______________________________________________
  • WEIGHT : ___________________________________________
  • HEIGHT : ___________________________________________


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